Jezebel: The Untold Story of the Bible’s Harlot Queen by Lesley Hazleton

How I came Across the Book

IMG_20190119_135540Last year, on one of my sojourns to Liberty Books, I bought this book. It was an impulse buy. But an impulse I am glad to have given into; a book I am really glad to have bought.

Jezebel. A name used to insinuate that a woman is impudent, shameless or morally unrestrained. A name that speaks of sexual decadence and promiscuity.

What I did not know (at the time), was the history of it.

But then, I was on my way to learn that history.


How long did it take me to finish this book and why

IMG_20190225_231216I started reading the book on the 21st of January this year and I finished it on the 25th of February.

Yes, more than a month!

The reason for it taking me this long to finish this book was that every passage and every incident that I read in the book left me with so many questions that it necessitated I talk all of it out.

It also required time to digest how the events enfolded in this historical (fiction added) account presented in the book.

I read a little and then gave it a pause to make sense of the story the book told. Many a times, I headed to my book club and posted short videos in which I was grasping to understand the story being told and it kind of resulted in discussions.



Though I enjoyed reading this book and it kept me engrossed all this time, I believe this is a fair rating for this book.

Related imageRelated imageRelated image


A Shared Read

Sometimes I read books with friends and this was one of those times. I shared this read with my friend, Sid. It was fun talking out loud about the ideas and opinions that popped in my head as they did.


The Writing Style

This was the third book I have read by Hazleton and I have always liked the way she words her book (stories?). She writes about religion (which is supposed to be nonfiction) but it reads more  like reading fiction.

I feel that Hazleton has a flare for Dramatics and I am not saying that in a bad light.


In A Nutshell

In conclusion, I’d say that there was no dull moment in this book; however I would have loved to read more of Jezebel than what was happening around her all the time.


Book Recommendation

This book comes recommended to you only if you can keep an open mind. I call myself an open minded person but I had problem digesting many a things in this book as they clashed with what my faith has taught me.

The book has left me with more questions than it has answered.

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