Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed

How I Came Across The Title?

One day a long time ago (sometime in May 2018), Sabaa Tahir tweeted about a book being released and she praised it. I read up the premise on goodreads and decided I wanted to read it. Thus, Amal Unbound was added to my TBR. I got my hands on a copy but it sat waiting for me to get to it. Today (yes, I started reading it today and finished it today as well), as I sat waiting for my brother in the waiting area (we had to be somewhere) I was extremely bored and did not have anything to do. I just had my phone which luckily has Kindle app on it which is synced with my Kindle and voila! It was time for Amal Unbound.

Not Even 24 Hours!

As I mentioned earlier, I finished the book in less than 12 hours because the events are realistic and the words used to tell, simple. The book is fast paced and talks about;

  • A girl’s struggle (I can relate – not at that level though)
  • A girl’s ambitions and I was rooting for her all the way
  • How the society is obsessed with having son(s)
  • How people with power have god complex
  • How wealth changes people
  • How friendships can be fickle
  • How friendships are born
  • How every small thing matters
  • How people cope with a change in their circumstance
  • Why Education is very important

I loved the ending and I wanted to read more of Amal’s story because the way the book ended I still do not know how she coped being back where she was once an integral part and then relegated to the status of a guest.

I rate it at 3.75 stars.

On the whole, Kudos Aisha!

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