Hello there,
Welcome to Hina Loves to Read. Here you can read all about what I like or dislike about the books I read. Sometimes there are spoilers there as well but I’ll warn you beforehand.

You may contact me to read yours and provide my opinion as well. Here is what you need to know, though.

I read across all genres, however I prefer reading Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, History, Biographies, and Crime Fiction
I prefer a physical copy of the book in my hands as I also indulge in Book Photography
If you have sent me a book to review, I will be honest regarding my likes and dislikes of the book
The reviews are posted on Goodreads in addition to this blog

03-02-2020Important Update

Keeping in view that considerable time and energy is utilised in reading and putting up an honest opinion of a book, I have decided that henceforth, I will be charging USD 15 per review as compensation for my time. This is not be the in thing at the moment but I believe we deserve it