HP – FanFic

I started writing this fanfiction back in 2012 and this is up on my stories blog still

This story will begin from where Rowling left the thread. The reasons I have for writing or rather starting from this point are numerous but the two that are foremost in my mind and ones I would like to mention in here are:

1. I do not wish to ruin the piece of Art created by an amazing author

2. Gives me the scope to introduce new characters and tweak the characters which are already present (without actually ruining the experiences of their life)

One more thing that I would like to add is that it will be a complete novel and therefore I will be publishing the chapters after subsequent periods up here on my blog.

When I post a chapter, I will add a link to it here for ease of reading as well.

Enjoy Potterheads!!!

02.06.2020 – Chapter 1: A New Beginning

02.07.2020 – Chapter 2: The Handover