Potpourri by Anusha V.R.

PotpourriGoodreads synopsis

Potpourri is an eccentric mix of stories and poems.



A 2.75, really.



I was provided an e-copy of the book for an honest review.

The stories were Okayish. Could have been better with a little more effort.

These could not be called short stories. They are flash fiction pieces.

The book had no one theme that it catered to, but the topics were varied and sometimes far apart.

A few I’d like to mention here.


I have serious issues with the way a bibliophile is shown in the piece. Being one, I can say with certainty we are not maniacs or murderers.

Dead Dreams

Again, this portrays that one can either choose dreams or a good career which I do not agree with.


This is not a book I would ever pick up again.

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