The Historian and The Hunter

The Historian and The HunterGoodreads synopsis

Laila and Shirin are ordinary girls living in the old city of Lahore just like millions of others…except they live in the Red-light District area, and they’re identical twins. Also they hunt monsters no-one knows exist…Okay so, maybe not quite like millions of other girls…


5 Scrolls


When I first started this book, I was in a reading slump. I could not bring myself to read anything. No genre interested me enough to read the next page. I did not know what to do. I could only experiment with different genres.

Finally, I found the spark I was looking for in this book by Zeenat Mahal. Though she had previously written only romance, this book is not a romance. And I loved it nonetheless.

The ‘what‘ was revealed in the start of the story. It is the ‘who‘ that keeps you on the edge of my seat.

The characters are well thought out and very realistic. The banter between the young people brings many smiles. At the same time it makes you think of your own youth as well.

The part that I loved the best, however, is the local setting. Prior to this book when I’d read something about magical creatures it was always a foreign setting, always foreign people. With this book, everything is written in a way that I feel it may have been happening happening tight across the corner and we, in our daily routines, have missed something. This book makes all those monsters and all those characters all the more real.

Recommended to all young adult readers and all fantasy readers.

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