Tales From The Treasure Chest by Ayesha Marfani

Goodreads synopsis Twins from Exhortation Valley Some people wish to have everything in life, and this is what Sara wanted - just everything in life. Some people always envy what others have. They see themselves in the reflection of other people. Saira envied what her twin had and ignored her blessings. Fate took the twins … Continue reading Tales From The Treasure Chest by Ayesha Marfani

Potpourri by Anusha V.R.

Goodreads synopsis Potpourri is an eccentric mix of stories and poems. Rating A 2.75, really.   Review I was provided an e-copy of the book for an honest review. The stories were Okayish. Could have been better with a little more effort. These could not be called short stories. They are flash fiction pieces. The … Continue reading Potpourri by Anusha V.R.