Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie

Goodreads Synopsis

On the night before Christmas, cruel, tyrannical, filthy rich Simeon Lee is found in his locked bedroom with his throat cut. Now Hercule Poirot must put his detective powers to the test to solve one of his most chilling cases – and to prevent a clever killer from spilling more blood.


Rating: 5 stars


Where do I begin? I loved it!

This was my first Hercule Poirot and he made me fall in love with him. The way he went about probing into the little things that related to the murder left me in awe.

As I went through the events that happened, I was on the look out of the little details that I may have missed if I was not vigilant and started making a case against the people I thought could be the murderer.

At one point I was completely sure who it will turn out to be and I could have bet on it but deep down I had this teeny tiny feeling that I was wrong. With only a couple of pages left, the murderer was revealed and I was like, “What just happened there? I never could have pegged this person as the murderer!”

I have tried to keep this spoiler free and go to such lengths so as not to revel even the gender of the culprit.

One thing that I will give, is, this is one of those books that I would call A MUST READ!

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