A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie



Goodread Synopsis

Rex Fortescue was sipping tea when he suffered a painful death. On later inspection, his pockets were found to contain traces of cereal. Miss Marple suspects that she’s looking at a case of crime by rhyme.

My Rating:  5/5


As I have made known before too, my reason to pick up this one was me reading a book before this one that had a bit amateur sleuthing going on. I had a little taste of my favourite and wanted more. And then, who better than Christie, right?

When I bought this book a few month ago, there were two incitements. One, it was Agatha Christie. Second, I fell in love with the cover.

Back to the story. I loved it! Not even for one second I thought the culprit was the culprit (yes, I am trying to keep it as spoiler free as I am humanly possible 😀 ) even when I had the crown of culpability fit on almost everyone else.

I was completely blown when the truth was revealed because it never occurred to me that there could be a very simple reasoning when my mind was all too engrossed in untangling non-existent complexities.

Now I know who I am buying more of when I next head to the bookstore.

A must read for all you mystery buffs.

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