Origin by Dan Brown

Origin_packshotSince I first heard news about this book, I had been eagerly waiting for it. Finally, a release date was announced and I was put in a quandary about pre-ordering or not. I did not. I was miserable because of the decision I made.

3rd October arrived and I dd not have the book. Imagine how that made me feel! Well… It was a Wednesday and I had a meeting near Agha’s and they had the hardcover on their shelf. I bought it and smuggled it inside home so that Ma and Papa don’t see it.

Finally started reading it on 9th October.

What with work and everything, took me six days to finish it. But I had started reading it at least.

Starting in classic Dan Brown way, the stage for intrigue was set. Just a couple of pages in and there were already so many scenarios taking shape.

Page after page and chapter after chapter, drama enfolded and I was ready to give up on sleep to know what happens next.

This is the same picture I shared earlier, but I made a thread of it as I read.

Typical Brown writing style and there were a lot of things I learnt.

Let me add, when it comes to technology, I call myself a novice and don’t know much and therefore all the details felt like the gates of information opening onto me and I was drenched in it all.

The best part about Dan Brown is that all the plethora of information does not read like an Encyclopedia and not even for a moment did my interest waiver. In fact, my curiosity increased with every passing chapter.

There were so many people having a finger pointed towards them and yet they persevered. One character whom I had doubted since the beginning had my heart contract in sympathy and love for all what that character did and forego for love.

There were many moments when I thought that the answers were just round the corner but a new twist was introduced instead. To be very honest a couple of the twists felt to be excess to inventory. But they did not dilute the taste or the mood of the book for me.

I believe I doubted almost everyone but Robert Langdon himself.

Origin sparks the life long debate of Religion vs Science and how scientific community and the religious factions defend their positions. It also puts forward the stance that many take which is neither 100% Science nor 100% Religion.

As they say, to each their own; you can choose your own side because irrespective of what side you are on, the thrill of the chase will keep you on edge.

For me, Origin is Dan Brown’s best Robert Langdon novel after The Da Vinci Code and I rate it at 4.25 stars out of 5. Definitely recommended!

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