Normal People by Sally Rooney

How I came across the book? My friend, Mahnoor, from my bookclub, Bookay, asked if we could #ShareARead.  agreed and voila! She introduced me to this book by tagging me in snippets that were posted on our online group. The snippets had me sufficiently interested and we started reading it together. #ShareARead On my bookclub, … Continue reading Normal People by Sally Rooney

Saving Alyssa by Loree Lough

Synopsis He couldn't save his wife…but he will save Alyssa When Noah Preston entered witness protection, his only concern was for his daughter. He couldn't save her mother, but he would save Alyssa—no matter what. Now, three years later, he's done his best to make their new lives work. But he can't let go of … Continue reading Saving Alyssa by Loree Lough