The Secret Couple by J. S. Lark

Goodreads Synopsis

Someone knows what they did…

A laugh.
A touch.
A lingering look.

A dead body.
An affair.
A crime years in the making.

Alison knows she’s in too deep. But behind closed doors, no one is who they seem…




The title was intriguing and so was the synopsis, so I requested the title on NetGalley and luckily I was approved. The book sat on my Kindle waiting for me to get to it and I finally did. Starting reading it on my latest travels as I waited for my husband to finish the meeting he was attending.

The book started out great but then started going downhill past the 15% mark.

Firstly, the title does not really suit the story. The alleged Secret Couple being a couple had no bearing per se on the overall storyline.

There was no character development for the characters. They started out as two dimensional and remained the same throughout the book. They did not grow into themselves.

Storyline started becoming predictive after a point. As for male main lead, I knew what was going on from the start. Call it a gut feeling.

So basically, I was disappointed with this one so not recommended.


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