Japan: A Guidebook to Special Places by Takashi Sato

Goodreads Synopsis

This travel guide doubles as a beautiful photo album, featuring truly hidden gems in the less traveled countryside of Japan. The author, Takashi Sato, is a landscape photographer who has traveled to all 47 prefectures to capture the many faces of Japan on film. Page after page, the author guides you to some of the most special places. This book is full of useful information for planning your visit to Japan, with detailed information on getting around on trains, buses, cars, and domestic flights. There is also a companion website for updated information, easily accessible by QR codes included in the book.

What I thought of it

Recently I have been researching Japan as I plan that to be my next vacation destination. When I came across this book on NetGalley, I had to request it.

The book with its beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions of the experiences to be had, have me more than half in love with a country I have not been to yet.

Can’t wait for the world to come to some semblance for me to book my vacation in Japan.

Here are some Japan photos I have Googled.

Japan 1

Daigoji Temple

Japan 2

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