August Wrap Up

This is my second ever Wrap Up post and the difference between the first month I did this (July) and August is quite apparent. While I read (and listened to) almost 11 books in July, the number has come down to 7 in August.

So without further ado, I will tell you of the books I read in the month.

Pink Line

The Girl You Forgot     

e-ARC Provided by the Author

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

The story is executed seamlessly and in a way that made me feel the sadness following these two around and I was rooting for them until the very end. The end where for a moment the wording was such that it gave me a mini heart attack but it was all for naught and I am happy with the ending. Full Review here


Archangel's Storm     

e-book (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

The naunces of the characters and their customs struck a chord of a sort as I live in a nearby region and I have read much about Indian courts in history books. That made the story all the more real for me even with angels (I want a pair too, okay!) and vampires. With it’s hauntingly poignant moments, I really liked this story. Full Review here.


Otto Eckhart's Ordeal     

e-book (Blog Tour read)

Pink StarPink StarPink Star

One thing, apart from the historical aspect, that I loved about the book was to see the very visible character development of Otto, our main character. We see how in a span of months, not only he mans up to his responsibilities but also that he matures considerably to become a sort of hero. Full Review here.


Jar of Hearts     

Paperback (Bookclub Read)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

The story gets a whopping 4.5 but the copy edits ruined it a little and I am knocking a .5 for that. After reading the Author’s note, I can’t help but get to rest of Jennifer Hiller’s books. A full review to follow.



The Power     

e-book (Bookclub read)

Pink StarPink Star

I did not like this book despite all the praises I had heard prior to reading it. The only reason I did not DNF it was because of the discussion to be had. It was reverse sexism and though I understand it is good to show the mirror to the world, I believe the subtle message in the narrative was that men are superior to women. There was a lot of scope but… As of right now, not sure if I will even bother with penning a proper review.


Paperback (For my Twelve Months and a Twelve Letter name challenge)

Pink StarPink StarPink Star

I have never previously realised this about Agatha Christie but despite having loved the plot of the story, I have to say that it highly racist and highly sexist!



The Inheritance Games      

e-book (Blog Tour Read)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

As it is for a Blog Tour, I can’t post the review beforehand but do stop by on the 3rd of September for the review. In the meanwhile, let me tell you that I loved the story! Way more than I thought I will!


Pink Line

Before I close, let me also add that during the month of August 2020, I watched all the episodes of The Inheritors on Netflix and started Legend of The Blue Sea.

Pink Line

Have you read any of these books or watched these shows? What did you think of them? Share your thoughts with me down in the comments.



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