The Girl You Forgot by Giselle Green

The Girl You ForgotGoodreads Synopsis

Does the heart never really forget?

When Ava’s partner Will is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, the doctors give Will one chance to survive – an operation which means he will lose his recent memory. Ava begs him to take the chance, sure that she can cope with Will forgetting her. After all, they have something very special to live for.

But they are also keeping a heart-breaking secret, and if Will loses his memory, Ava will have to carry that secret alone.

Can they rebuild their love from scratch or will their secrets and past come between them? Will Ava really be a stranger when Will wakes up – or does the heart never really forget…

The book releases on the 11th of August and I am so happy to have been provided an early copy by the author.

Rating and Review

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

Giselle Green reached out to me at the start of the year talking to me about this later in the year and if I’d be interested in giving it a read. Having this book on my radar for over more than half a year I feel like a part of the process myself. Truly, like I know it was to be a different a title but was changed later. It sort of make you feel special, does it not?

Now to the story.

Despite not being a fan of reading books in the first person narrative, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dual perspective sweet story about the dilemmas of life. I was so engrossed in it, I finished it in one night!

It was fun getting to know Ava and William as they saw and experienced themselves and how the other person saw and experienced them. Kind of giving a panoramic picture of the character’s character.

The story trope, I felt, was a nod to an ICONIC line from FRIENDS. I am not going to get into what and let you be the judge of it when you read it.

The story is executed seamlessly and in a way that made me feel the sadness following these two around and I was rooting for them until the very end. The end where for a moment the wording was such that it gave me a mini heart attack but it was all for naught and I am happy with the ending.

Lastly, I just want to say, that the struggle that these two went through as they worked on their relationship while trying to keep themselves sane is fun and emotion combined.

Pick up the book and you will not regret the few hours that you finish this book in.

8 thoughts on “The Girl You Forgot by Giselle Green

  1. gigigreen222 says:

    Hina – I have just seen this, so apologise for not getting to you sooner. Lovely review, and I’m delighted you enjoyed it. Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to do this! Giselle x


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