July Wrap Up

A wrap up post in not something that I usually do or have, in fact, ever done on my blog, but, here I am. Talking about the month of July 2020.

You may wonder what is so special about the month that I decided to talk about it in terms of books so I am so happy to share that this month had been very, very good in terms of reading!

I am never much of a dedicated monthly TBR person and choose my books at random. Apart from the ones I red for the book clubs I am a part of.

Without further ado, I will tell you of the books I read in the month.

Pink Line

Moonflower Murders


Net Galley ARC

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

A fast-paced, gripping thriller with a book within a book trope executed perfectly. The story kept me on my toes as I tried to make sense of the crime committed and tried to figure out who could have perpetuated it. Full Review here.


Alpha Night Cover



Pink StarPink Star

I had been looking forward to this book as this one featured a tough as nails woman alpha as one of the main leads and I just don’t understand why she was turned into a damsel in distress in so many parts. Now, it wasn’t overt but very subtle; but it was there and I did not like it at all. Full Review here.

The Silent Patient


Audiobook / e-book (Bookclub read)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

My thoughts changed quite fast as I read more of this fast paced story. I was able to figure out half of the climax before it happened but I must say that the rest of twist left my mouth hanging open. This book was an amazing ride that I had. Brilliantly penned and narrators did a hundred percent justice to the story. Full Review here.

Knightmare Arcanist


e-book (Blog Tour read)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

The story was engrossing from the beginning as it plunged into the desire for magic right from the start. While it showed how people strive for their dreams, it also showed there will be people out there who will stop you from achieving your potential success just because of the prejudices they hold against you. It showed that it was a little bravery that was needed to put you on the way to your dreams. Full Review here.

Angel's Blood


Audiobook (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink Star

It was good and kept me entertained. This series happens to be one of my favourites.



Archangel's Kiss


Audiobook (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

It kept me engaged and there was more development of the characters. Especially that of Raphael’s.



Archangel's Consort


e-book (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

I adore the banter between Elena and Raphael. Specially how both of them work towards making their relationship work. They may not be equal in power or in their humanity, they are equal in their relationship. Full Review here.


Archangel's Blade


e-book (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink Star

The story is full of emotion and made me tear up in places. A downer on the whole thing? Dimitri being an ass for most of the book. By calling him an ass, I’m being polite. A politeness he does not even deserve. Full Review here.


HP 1


Paperback (Reread)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star





Home Before Dark


e-book (Bookcub read)

Pink StarPink StarPink StarPink StarPink Star

Listed as a Horror and a Thriller, the book gives on both counts. Decidedly one of the best books I have read this year and I can’t thank Abby (from CBTB) enough for having introduced me to Riley Sager. Full Review here.


Pink Line

Those are the ones that I completed in July but there is one more which I finished reading last night but had read 82% until July 31st. This one Downward pointing finger



Audiobook / e-book

Pink StarPink StarPink Star

I have yet to pen my review for the book and though there were so many things I could relate to in there, I don’t think I will ever pick this one again – even to feel some shred of motivation. That being said, pls note that that is not my commentary on either Michelle Obama or the Obamas in general.

Pink Line

Before I close, let me also add that during the month of July 2020, I watched all three seasons of Dark and more than half the first season of Outlander. So, all in all, a very, very good month.

Pink Line

Have you read any of these books or watched these shows? What did you think of them? Share your thoughts with me down in the comments.



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