I Dare You Book Tag

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I saw Danni @ _ForBooksSake doing this tag and I enjoyed her answers so much that I decided to do this tag as well.

Pink Line

1. What book has been on your shelves the longest?

I don’t if I am to tell you the one that has resided there the longest or especially the one I have not yet read.

So, the oldest I think is Pride and Prejudice. This cover Downward pointing finger

As for an unread book that may be on the shelves gathering dust, I honestly cannot recall because I am in the habit of giving away books.


2. What is your current read, your last read, and the book you will read next?

This post here, WWW Wednesday – 22.07.2020, answers this question well and still stands true.

FYI, I am currently reading Downward pointing finger


3. What book did everyone like, but you hated?

I picked up The god of Small Things because I had heard a lot of praise for the book on my book club. And, then…


4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?

OutlanderI am currently watching Outlander on Netflix and just yesterday I checked out the books on Goodreads. I have long held the view that 95% of the time the book is always better but I am pretty certain I won’t read these books.

By the way, I really like Same Heughan.

Jamie Fraser







5. Which book are you saving for retirement?

Have never thought about this but if I were to choose something, I’d say I’ll be reading the new releases under Crime Fiction and under Politics.


6. Last page: Do you read it first or wait to the end?

Wait till the end because I am a no spoiler kind of person.


7. Acknowledgements: Are they a waste of paper and ink or interesting?

I think they are very sweet. I like reading them and it is important for everyone to note that though the author puts in a lot of effort into the story, it still will not have been possible if not for those other people.


8. Which book character would you switch places with?

None, really.


9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life?

Hansel and Gratel. It reminds me of food. It so happens, that when I was a toddler, auntie used to read it to me as she made me eat.


10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.

Hmm… I am wondering what constitutes an interesting way.

Once I got a book in the mail where the note said that whoever sent it hopes that I enjoy the book. The book was not on my wishlist. But whoever you are, and you are reading this, thank you once again.


11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person?

I don’t think so.


12. Which book has been with you the most places?

None, really. The only time I carry a book with me is when I am reading it. So…


13. Any ‘required reading’ you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?

Macbeth by William Shakespeare


14. Used or brand new?

My library has a mix of both. Though I prefer brand new, I have been able to nab collector’s edition of many a favourite books from second hand book shops.


15. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

Just all of them.


16. Have you ever seen a movie that you liked more than the book?

Oh yes! These two at the top of my mind;

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
  • The Phantom of the Opera


17. A book that’s made you hungry?

None, I think.


18. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

No one. I take these decisions very contemplatively so it’s just my thoughts and advices in there.


19. Most read authors?

So many! Here’s a few;

  • Jane Austen
  • Agatha Christie
  • Judith McNaught
  • Julia Quinn
  • Nalini Singh
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Dan Brown
  • John Grisham


20. Ship from two different books? 

I can’t ruin a book like that. So, none.


I hope you enjoyed the answers.

I’m not tagging anyone in particular this week, but if you want to do the tag, I would love to read your answers!



Hina Tabassum

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