Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Alpha NightGoodreads Synopsis

Alpha wolf Selenka Durev’s devotion to her pack is equaled only by her anger at anyone who would harm those under her care. That currently includes the empaths who’ve flowed into her city for a symposium that is a security nightmare, a powder keg just waiting for a match.

Ethan Night is an Arrow who isn’t an Arrow. Numb and disengaged from the world, he’s loyal only to himself. Assigned as part of the security force at a world-first symposium, he carries a dark agenda tied to the power-hungry and murderous Consortium. Then violence erupts and Ethan finds himself crashing into the heart and soul of an alpha wolf.

Mating at first sight is a myth, a fairytale. Yet Selenka’s wolf is resolute: Ethan Night, broken Arrow and a man capable of obsessive devotion, is the mate it has chosen. Even if the mating bond is full of static and not quite as it should be. Because Selenka’s new mate has a terrible secret, his mind surging with a power that is a creature of madness and death…


Rating and Review

This is the second romance in as many days that has let me down. I am a huge fan of Nalini Singh and the worlds she has created in her books.

I had been looking forward to this book as this one featured a tough as nails woman alpha as one of the main leads and I just don’t understand why she was turned into a damsel in distress in so many parts. Now, it wasn’t overt but very subtle; but it was there and I did not like it at all.

Mating (if you’re aware of how it’s done in the Psy Changeling world) was too soon and gave of the arranged marriage vibe but even that was made too flowery by instant love!

Now I understand that one may feel something or more the first instant of meeting someone but one doesn’t make this other person a centre of their world all of a sudden! I mean, you have a life! Don’t you?

Another thing that bothered me was the timeline, why does every thing has to happen in one go? The first half of the book is one long stretch of time with no intervals! And, the rest, there are jumps which too feel to be apart of the same stretch!

The other thing that bothers me? Nobody calls into question the main lead’s behaviour and actions at the start of the book even when he comes clean! No, he is considered to be pure as snow! Why?

For some reason, the whole plot line to throw off the readers from the truth? It did not work for me. I knew what must be happening and that again diluted my enjoyment of the book.

A 2 star read.

What is it? Have I read too many romances now to find them interesting?

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