Book Bloggers and Compensation

Unlike many other bloggers who ask for compensation when they undertake to blog about events, products, services, etc, bookbloggers are one of those branches of bloggers who are made to feel bad if they ever ask for compensation.

Ever since I started book blogging, I have never asked any author or publisher to pay me and though I have mentioned my preference of a physical book, they are the one who decide what format to share.

It was all good.

Time passed and I realised that I was putting a lot of effort to read books by the timelines dictated by authors and publishers and in the reviews I penned. They are not rambling thoughts because for an author and a publisher a lot depends and as someone who people turn to for book recommendations, I believe it to be my duty to bring forth a picture clear enough for readers to decide if a book is their cup of tea or not.

Now, all of that required time and energy.

Is that too bad to ask for compensation for my work?

For authors and publishers, their books are their business. Their bread and butter. But like all businesses worldwide, they have to pay for the publicity they are requesting when they decide to engage with a bookblogger, bookstagrammar or an influencer.

Is it, then, too bad to be asking for compensation? One review by me can result is sales for you but what do I get out of it? Nothing.

The first comeback the authors have? We are not that rich and can’t afford to pay.

I am not rich too! That is why I am asking for compensation to save for my education. Is that too bad?

With this thought in mind, on the 3rd of February 2020, I added the following update on my blog.


Unfortunately, since I did that, I have seen a marked reduction in the requests I have received. For the requests that I did receive, when I mentioned the fee, they backed off.

Their loss, I’d say.

But the point remains, why is a taboo in the Book Community when a Book Blogger asks for compensation? Do people assume that all reviews henceforth be flowers and sunshine? No, I will still be honest in my views.

In conclusion, I have removed that part because it has not been helpful in the least. And, that makes me sad.


Hina Tabassum

2 thoughts on “Book Bloggers and Compensation

  1. Gina says:

    I’m sorry things didn’t work out like you hoped, Hina. One problem with asking for compensation is that it violates Amazon‘’s TOS for an author to pay for a review. And an Amazon review is the goal of most authors. I do believe it is acceptable to have a donate button on your website. Perhaps that would help cover some of your costs? Regardless, you have a lovely website and thoughtful reviews.


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