The Ivory Gate by Julian Barr

The Ivory GateGoodreads Synopsis

Shatter the peace.
Summon the Furies.
The Underworld awaits…

Realising his quest for a homeland is not complete, Aeneas must forsake happiness and love to lead his people into the mist-shrouded land of Italia. The words of prophecy say this is where the children of Troy belong. Yet the fiery Princess Lavinia will not allow Aeneas to settle in her country and rallies her people to war. Facing an impossible choice, Aeneas must descend to the world of the dead to learn a dark truth. No longer able to escape his destiny, Aeneas must become what he has always feared.

The next instalment in a trilogy based on Virgil’s epic poetry, Ashes of Olympus: The Ivory Gate is a tale of war, sacrifice and triumph.


Rating and Review


Green StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen Star

Once I had finished the first book in this trilogy, I wanted to start this one ASAP but obviously that was not to be and it took me some time to get to this one and it was a very adventurous ride.

The action packed journey continued as the Trojans tried to find a home for themselves as everyone made a life for themselves amidst the games and enmities of the gods.

The emotions, too, run high as Dido tries to forge a relationship while Aeneas keeps holding back. As Dido and Julos bond survives a parting turning Julos bitter towards his father for having been snatched from the only mother Julos had known.

That’s not the only family struggling. We have Lavinia who has her own battles to fight as she continues to make a place for herself and keeping claim to that place without a voice.

The best part about reading this trilogy? It is written in a way that transports you to the days of Olympus and you could feel having a front row seat in all the ensuing drama.

Waiting impatiently to get the third book in my hands.

Highly recommended if you are into Mythology and / or Fantasy.

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