Reunion with His Surgeon Princess by Karin Baine

Reunion With His Surgeon PrincessGoodreads synopsis

She ran from his proposal… but fate isn’t through with them yet!

World-renowned transplant surgeon and single dad Seth Davenport will do everything to save his royal patient. Even if that means a reunion with his patient’s daughter — Princess Kaja Alderisi, the surgeon who once ran from him…after he’d offered her a diamond ring and his heart! But one look into Kaja’s captivating gaze and it’s clear that their past isn’t so willing to be left behind…



This was my first romance after a long, long time and it felt as if I was back home after an adventure.

The story is a second chance romance executed very well. It does not show that things all roses and sunflowers and bitterness had taken roots due to misunderstandings and things unsaid. That was actually one of the best things in the novel. Portrayal of human feelings of betrayal and bitterness.

The thing I liked best about this one was how familial relationships remained a major part of the story line and how they supported the romance. I wish people could learn something from this and let people be together when they are in love with each other.

There was not much of character development as far as I could say because it is not big a novel and characters were formed fully in the first couple of chapters and making a fair guess of their actions was easy post those early chapters. That, however, did not dilute the enjoyment I got out of it.

I give it a solid 4.

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