Brimstone by Justine Rosenberg

Goodreads Synopsis

BrimstoneSariel, a fugitive slave, is running from the desert mines, and from an Empire that is hungry for a new and mysterious metal that the alchemists call brimstone.

In a moment of mercy and lust, Ava Sandrino, herself a knight fallen from grace, shelters Sariel from his pursuers, and in the light of the moon, he speaks to her of a door. It is a gate that opens into a world that lies beyond the Northern Dark, over the edge of their farthest horizon. There, paupers rub shoulders with princes, and there are riches to be had by those with the will to seize them.

Swayed by Sariel’s tales of strange oceans and distant stars, and tired of a past that holds her down, Ava joins him on the trek to the kingdom where souls are remade. Together, they must cross a borderland that is the domain of magicians, the humans that serve them, and the One O’clock King: a faceless despot who guards the crossroads of worlds.


It is a Net Galley title which I wanted to read because of the book cover. It is one those that I fell in love with instantly so Kudos to whoever designed it. You’ve done a job well done.

Now for the story, I have loved myself a story where one just starts with the action; right in the middle of the story but this one starting thus left me in a lurch because it was a made up world of which I had no prior knowledge.

On top of that, it was not a full length novel but a novella which seemed to have been published presuming that the author is well aware of the world therein and that no explanation would be necessary.

That was the major downfall of the story because things did not make sense as I had no idea what one thing or the other was.

Seeing as  this is part of a trilogy, there are books to follow which may explain a lot of stuff that was just mentioned in this too short a story.

Over all, it is a 2.5 stars for in which 1 whole star is just for the cover.

4 thoughts on “Brimstone by Justine Rosenberg

  1. Fasih Ur Rehman says:

    Heyyy!!! I am here, finally.

    Loved the review. And you seem to have enjoyed it, yet only 2.5 stars? I mean if you haven’t read the rest of the trilogy or if the information about the world is available but you are unaware of it, it’s not really the book’s fault 😦

    Show some love.


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