Foray into Audiobooks

For a long time, I have looked down my nose at people who have ventured into audiobooks and called that reading and I am ashamed at that behaviour today.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-14 at 01.16.23Very recently, thanks to a dear friend, I have been able to issue audiobooks from a library and thus began my journey into making time for books again.

The first one I read (listened?) was The Art of Theft by Sherry Thomas. Now, I have heard from the author that the narrator of the book, Kate Reading, was the best there is and I was looking forward to it. You can read my review for it here where I also mention how good the narrator was.

With that, let me tell you that I am all for the audiobooks now. Have read (listened?) to 2 books already!

The second one’s narrator is good but not as good as Ms Reading and therefore I am not naming her here.

I’ll end with a question for you.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Who is your favourite narrator? You know the genres I read, so recommend an audiobook for me in the comments, please.

4 thoughts on “Foray into Audiobooks

  1. Jules_Writes says:

    I LOVE audiobooks and I think Will Wheaton might be my favourite narrator – I really enjoyed his narration of Ready player one.

    There are so many great narrators thou – a good one can add a lot to a story.


    • Hina Tabassum says:

      I so totally agree with that. I am kind of making a list whose narration I like as I venture more and more into audiobooks.

      I am going to look up what other books Will Wheaton has narrated and see if there are any from my TBR there for me to try.


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