She Ran Away From Love

She Ran Away From Love is Mawson‘s second book that I have read. The first was It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In and review for the same can be found here.


She Ran Away From Love front coverWhat is She Ran Away From Love about?

Here is a synopsis for you.

The Light of Love pours down on Frilly. It shines so brightly that she quails and runs away.

Upset with herself for feeling scared, she wakes her good friend Mawson and pours out her confusions. She wants to learn how to be bold and is convinced that she can do this by going on a quest.

With muddled help from Mawson she sets off into the great Out There. But is a quest to find oneself really the answer?


Mawson writer bearBefore I tell you my views on the book (as it my stop on the blog tour), let me tell you a little about Mawson first.

Mawson, a big hearted, soul searching teddy bear, is here to help. He is one of this bright world’s few Writer-Bears. He speaks about Being One’s Best in an world that is often baffling – and not only for bears. He is often muddled about things (well, he is a bear). But he is always confident that things are going to turn out All Right.

She Ran Away From Love Full Tour Banner


WhatsApp Image 2020-01-17 at 00.44.22Before I tell you anything about the book, let me just say a Thank you to Mawson for the sentence in pink above the blog tour banner. I need those words these days.

Frilly wants to do something big, something notice worthy. Do we all not? What she does not know is where to begin or how. In all her naivety (and also because the world will have us believe that we are not good enough), she decides that for her to achieve something, the first step is to change herself.

Her journey leads her to where she is meant to be and it is such a profound moment of realization when she finds what actually was needed was a little confidence and the belief that she deserves happiness.

A very touching story.

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