Cooking Up Romance by Lynne Marshall

46155845. sy475 Goodreads synopsis

Food isn’t the only way to this single dad’s heart…

Lacy was a redhead with a pink food truck who prepared mouthwatering meals. Hunky construction manager Zack Gardner agreed to let her feed his hungry crew in exchange for cooking lessons for his young daughter. But it looked like the lovely businesswoman was transforming the single dad’s life in more ways than one—since a family secret was going to change both of their lives in ways they never expected.

Rating and Review

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The first thrill was reading the author’s note which said this was book 1 of a trilogy. As I love reading Lynne Marhsall’s work, I can’t wait to read the next two. Post reading the book, I know who the female lead for book 2 will be but there is nothing about the 3rd one yet. But, I am sure this will be an amazing trilogy.

What I loved about this one?

  • First love can come back in one’s life and that may be the perfect happily ever after one needs.
  • If someone fails in love once does not mean that there will be no other chances at love

The heroine is very lively and with her around things remained lively and full emotion. Even the melancholy was a tangible thing.

Zack’s character cold have had more aspects highlighted apart from the fact that he had trouble trusting the female gender.

I am not much of a cooking person but this story and those cooking classes Lacy gave to Zack’s daughter made me develop an interest in cooking too (small interest I am not likely to do anything about😉)

But, honestly I loved the book and highly recommend it!

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