The 2020 TBR Reading Challenge

Thank you Mina for coming up with this challenge and tagging me to give it a go.

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Rules she has put up for the Challlenge

  • Pick a novel for each of the 22 TBR prompts. If that’s too much for you, it’s OK to go for less. However…
  • Those who finish all 22 prompts and post their reviews on their blogs / vlogs have a chance to win a book of their choice as a reward! (International, as long as Book Depository ships to your country)
  • You can’t start reading those books before January 1st!
  • Follow Mina’s Twitter account as she will create a blog hopping sheet (when the challenge begins) where you can leave your links. Also, to make it easier for her to keep up, please use #2020TBRReadingChallenge tag.
  • Thank the person that tagged you
  • Tag the original challenge page (Mina’s)
  • Tag at least 5 people

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Important Note

Prior to Mina tagging me in her challenge, I had a challenge of my own for myself. To form my name with the first letter of the titles of the books I read in 2020 as I have a 12 letter name.

The details about that challenge of mine can be found here.

Now, all I am saying is that there will be overlaps between these two challenges.

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The Checklist

#2020TBRReading Challenge

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The list (of the categories) will follow this section. I am not going to mention which books I will be reading because I do not want to lock myself in. But I will update about this challenge as it progresses.

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A 2020 Release

Book Published In The Year I Was Born

Novel That Will Get A Movie Adaptation in 2020

Friend Recommendation

Book I Can Read In A Day

Book Originally Written In A Foreign Language

Book By A Dead Author

Novel / Book That Was Banned

NYT Bestseller

Booker Prize Winning Book

Book By A Nobel Prize Winner

Goodreads Winner

Book From Rory Gillmore Challenge

Book With One Word Title

Book With Over 500 Pages

Book Set In A Different Continent

Book Set In Your Home Country

Book Trilogy

YA Book

Historical Book

Fantasy Book

A Clasic  

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