Christmas Kisses on Hollywell Hill by Jackie Ladbury

Goodreads Synopsis

Christmas Kisses on Hollywell Hill by Jackie LadburyChristmas is coming and actress, Kirsty Castille, is having a crisis of faith. All around her actors are bagging interesting roles in Christmas pantos while she’s stuck as Nag the pantomime horse. By a stroke of luck, she lands the lead role in a well-known musical and can finally wave goodbye to the cast in the seasonal production of Snow White and the Seven Christmas Puddings.
Things get even better when she bonds with handsome chef, Jake Levy, over a piece of squid at her local supermarket. Sadly, romance is the last thing on Jake’s mind. He has a Christmas deadline, an ex-wife to mourn and lots of emotional baggage to drag around – and he certainly wouldn’t fall for someone like Kirsty who craves the limelight: been there, done that.

A misunderstanding leads Jake to offer Kirsty a job in his new restaurant and she is savvy enough to realise that she will have to take the job offer if she wants to see more of him.

Her charm offensive appears to work, but while he’s cooking up a storm she’s secretly sparkling under the spotlight – until keeping a low profile becomes impossible. The fallout is catastrophic, but as they say in Luvvie Land, the show must go on, even if Kirsty wonders if she’s taken her last curtain call and ruined her chance for love.

Read on and immerse yourself in this delightful winter romance as the snow starts to fall and Christmas day comes ever nearer.

Jackie Ladbury


Blog Tour

Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources invited me to join this blog tour and I was sold as soon as I saw the book cover. I read the synopsis later.

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As I have mentioned previously, that the cover was more than enough to sell me on the idea of reading this book. I am glad my instinct was right and this was a fun book for me to relieve all the stress I was under during the time I read this book.

As I read this book, I was in a conundrum as what my rating would be a very big question mark as my feelings for the main characters were at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

I loved Kirsty and I equally hated (disliked – as hate is too strong a word) Jake.

That’s the score and I have always been honest in my reviews, so here goes.

Before I say anything else, let me restate that the story was  fun. Even with my dislike of the hero as Kirsty made up for it way too much.

So here goes.

Kirsty, though down on luck, showed resilience. She was a woman full of life; a woman full of dreams. That was what first endeared me to her. She knew what she wanted in her life and was open to the reality of the field and all the hurdles in her path. Despite all that; she did not let go of her positivity.


The woman danced in a supermarket without giving a damn about what people thought of it. She was in that moment working towards her goals and was completely okay with people thinking of her a wacko. I LOVED THAT ABOUT HER!

Kirsty is my type of Crazy. ❤️

The same is true for her feelings for Jake. She met him and she knew she could very well fall for him. On top of it, she knew she wanted to be with him.

How can one not respect that kind of a person?

Then there is Jake. The man was confused for almost the entire book. He wanted to be with Kirsty but just could not being himself to take action. He was stuck in the past. Now though I didn’t like this scenario but it was very realistic.

Final verdict? Jake did not deserve Kirsty.

The other smaller characters too kept the momentum alive with many fun moments to keep one glued to the book (or kindle in my case).


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