Cheating And The Romance Genre

This one is going to be a rushed post as I am ranting!
Was just over at @goodreads reading reviews of some historical novels.
8411393The book is To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt.
The reviews all talk about the heroine cheating on her fiancé with the hero.
I am all for loyalty and can’t abide cheating even in fictional scenarios.
The reviews also mention that the fiance being betrayed is a rake who has mistress(es) while he is engaged.
Now, my point is that even though I am never going to read the book because of the cheating, LET US NOT BE HYPOCRITES!

It may have been acceptable during the that period but us, the readers, live in today. A today where a man doing that will be shown to the curb by the woman (hopefully).

In my opinion, albeit being an honourable man and all that, the betrayed fiancé should not have expected fidelity when he could not reciprocate!
That is it for this post.
But before I sign off, I ask you to share your views on this concept?

9 thoughts on “Cheating And The Romance Genre

  1. Lana says:

    Well, I DON”T read any books with cheating , I’ve read just one book Which Is Called (Forget me Not ) and I was traumatized after it ( Like how could You have a happily ever After with a person who cheated on you when you were depressed after losing your child ,REALLY MESSED UP BOOK )

    I like when the authors mention ( the cheating in the blurb , Or put a trigger warning ) as for me Even If it is a historical fiction , I don’t like to read about cheating 😦


    • Hina Tabassum says:

      It is the same for me. I just can’t abide it. If it is in the past and does play a role in the HEA, I may still gulp and go on but this is not acceptable to me as a reader of Romance. That is not what I am reading Romance for!

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  2. Chelsies Crazy4Books says:

    Oh for sure I totally understand. Theres certain things I really dont like reading about either. I dont hate cheating as much as some people but I dont enjoy reading about it.


  3. Papertea and Bookflowers says:

    Oh, I totally understand that. I hate cheating as well! Though I don’t categorically avoid books where a character cheats, I still definitely need *some* sign that everyone is aware that that is not okay.
    I don’t read many romance/contemporary or historical fiction books though so I don’t run into that problem all too often, fortunately.


    • Hina Tabassum says:

      I can still live with if people are cheating in books. Sometimes, a story line needs that. But Romance as a genre does not warrant this kind of behaviour. That is not what I am reading Romance for!


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