The Taboo of Reading Romance

I published this post on my other blog Lair of a Wordsmith but as it is a book related post, I believe it should be here too.

I love reading Romance.

There, I said it.

I am not particularly well versed about how reading romance is taken the world over, but I can talk about the place and the people I have had misfortune to interact with over the years. These include family, friends, and a huge score of acquaintances.

Back in school, when I first started reading romances, I loved the genre. I mean, why not? If you are not reading for the hot moments, you see and learn so much from a romance. There is so much that you can relate to in your real life.

As I stated above, I started reading romances back in school but I never placed the genre on the list of the ones I read or liked. Why? I give you a list!

  • Romance novels are frivolous
  • Reading romance is such a waste of time
  • You learn nothing while reading romance
  • Romance gives you unrealistic ideals and you are never happy
  • Romance makes you want things unreal
  • You are only reading it for the hotness level
  • The bodice ripper covers are the ones attracting you
  • Romance is nothing but soft porn
  • Reading romance does not even constitute reading

The people who read other genres look down at you when they come to know you read romances. I am ashamed to say that there was a time when I hid this about me. But today? I do not care what anyone thinks of me for reading romances. I read them, I love them, and I have no qualms about saying so. I know there is no reason for proofs, but here they are anyway. Displayed quite publicly on my blog and my Twitter profile.

After I have shared the list of how much disrepute is attached to the genre, let me add things I have learned while reading romances (I’ll link them to my reviews).


By Judith McNaught

Read the full review here.

  • This one talks about glass ceilings for women in the professional world and how difficult (read, not impossible) they are to break
  • It talks about how our genuine love and concern can actually be toxic for the ones we love (a perfect example for us desis)

Reunited With Her Parisian Surgeon

By Annie O’Neil

Read the full review here.

  • However aloof your family is, most of the time they truly do love you, even if it does not seem that way
  • If you love someone, just tell them


Sarah and the Secret Sheikh

By Michelle Douglas

Read the full review here.

  • Turning a cynic is not the only way to react to bad things happening to you
  • There is no such thing as acting your age. You can show your happiness like a child and turn a blind eye to those who object
  • Never give up on your dreams and one day you will live them
  • No job is good or bad; you give your 100% and you earn respect


These are just a few examples as I went through my other blog in a chronological order.

But, now let me ask you is the society right in its assumption? Or like you read this amazing genre? If you do, don’t forget to share your favourites under my post.

Before anyone points out why I had to go to such trouble to defend a genre when I could have gone on reading and damn the world, I want to share my reasons for sharing my opinion.

  • I want others to learn all these things that our daily routine makes us forget
  • I want others to be proud of their reading habits
  • Reading romance shows you have a heart that is still filled with hope
  • Take pride in the fact that you believe in something powerful and something not available to all; LOVE

All the  best.


13 thoughts on “The Taboo of Reading Romance

  1. nishanbooks says:

    I love this!! You are so right! If you life a certain genre that may not be looked kind upon by other people then that’s their problem. Nobody should judge you for the kind of books you read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. proudbookreviews says:

    I think the fact that romance is almost single handily (assuming Younger is correct) propping up the publishing industry the it’s obvious more people read romance than any other genre. I go into it when I was like 20 and I found myself recently (now 29) defending myself to my dad for reading romance. Like really? I’ve learnt so much that I’ve actutally aplied to my relationship to help build it that it just shows how beneficial these books can be. Yes some are just easy relaxing reads. But don’t we do the same with trash TV? (I will also happily put my hand up to say I’m addicted to The Bachelor franchise…)


  3. dinipandareads says:

    This is such a relatable post! I was just thinking about this yesterday and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still hiding the fact that I read romance a lot of the time. When I used to off-handedly mention that I read romance to people, I’d get such scornful remarks (but what is it to you that I read romance?) and I got told countless times that I wasn’t a “reader” because I was reading romance 🙄 The snobbery is real? Now I’ve come to care a little less but I’m still a bit cautious of updating my Goodreads with romance reads 😅


    • Hina Tabassum says:

      I am so glad to hear that and in a way I do understand because there was a time I would not mark my Romance reads on Goodreads too. But not now. I have stopped caring what people think of what I read. I am not reading for them after all!


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  5. freddiereads says:

    Oh my god yes! I always get a weird look whenever I tell people I love romance novels, and always love stories that have a bit of romance in them! I hate that people don’t take it seriously as a genre


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