A Daddy Sent by Santa by Susan Carlisle

A Daddy Sent by SantaGoodreads Synopsis

When a small-town mom…Falls for a big-city doc…Nurse Lauren Wilson is used to doctors coming and going in her Oklahoma town–and she doesn’t expect prestigious Boston doc Paxton Samuels to be any different. Until they’re snowed in together and their sensual tension reaches the boiling point! But knowing Paxton is due to leave after the festive season, can Lauren risk giving him her heart and her little boy a daddy for Christmas?


My Rating

BLue starBLue starBLue starBLue star


My Review

I have always loved Christmas stories and was so looking forward to reading this one by Susan Carlisle.

To add to my interest it also is a medical romance. A treat all in itself, really.

Getting to the story, the thing that I loved about this one was the fact that Paxton was, while being a macho guy and all that, he was also human enough to be vulnerable. It was not the presence of Lauren that brought out that vulnerability in him per se. He felt even before he met her. That is something that endeared not just the character, but also the story to me.

Lauren had a steel backbone and knew how to stand up for herself. It is amazing reading about women who are not damsels in distress and have the capabilities of being the knights. Shining armour not necessarily required.

The Shawn scenes were so adorable. Well… I love babies so I did find those scenes cute. Just like the cover for the book.

Though it was sizzling, boiling passion between Paxton and Lauren, there was an innocence too to their connection. A purity that could be felt through their interactions.

Now let us talk about things that I think the book / story lacked.

  • There was only the scenes with Paxton and Lauren both in them which sort of does not help with character development because we do not get to see them as individuals themselves just each of them with a reference to the other. I would have loved to see them who they were on they own a little bit more.
  • I would have loved more Shawn scenes. It felt as if the little boy was not there even when he was. In my opinion, he was not given the importance that he deserved.
  • In many a places, it felt as if the story was more of a debate as to what’s better; a small town or a big city. There seemed a biasness for one and I dd not really appreciate that.
  • The story ended too soon! I wanted more.

All in all, I am glad I read it. I think you should too if you are into the romance genre or if you like reading Christmas stories.

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