Tales From The Treasure Chest by Ayesha Marfani

Goodreads synopsis

Twins from Exhortation Valley
Some people wish to have everything in life, and this is what Sara wanted – just everything in life. Some people always envy what others have. They see themselves in the reflection of other people. Saira envied what her twin had and ignored her blessings. Fate took the twins to Exhortation Valley to make them realize what happens when we get everything in life and lose the blessings that we already have.

A Peculiar and Rackety child
Abdul Jalil is a boy eager to try out different things. He sets out to experience everything. Things go well until he deviates from his mission in life and he ends up in a mess. Trying to find a way out, at last he finds that in life ‘being human is being everything.’

An amazing family’s holiday adventure
This family arranges a holiday game with a difference. Stepping into the shoes of their parents, the children’s role-playing game opens their eyes to the difficulties of being a parent.


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Exhortation Valley

The first chapter of the first story in this book started with a cliché and a tone was set. The story started with reinforcing the traditional definition of beauty and I was put out. Yes, at that point I thought of shelving the book. But, I persevered.

I enjoyed how the traditional view was countered along with teaching a few other lessons in a story that though too fast paced would have kept abreast of a child’s running imagination and finishing in the a child’s limited concentration span.

Small Feet, Big Shoes

The next story about responsibilities and behaviour of kids and elders, I can say that even though a point is proven, I still do not agree with the overall idea of it.

We come from a society where whatever may happen, the accusing finger always points at a kid and never the parents. A society where everyone talks about the rights of parents and the duties of children but never a word about the rights of the children and the duties of the parents.

This story, too, talks about how it is for the children’s betterment that the parents are strict with them. This may be true for some cases but not all.

Being Human is Being Everything

This story, in my humble opinion, felt too far apart for reality to have left any impact. One boy leaving home and life as known to him and wandering out in the world and then turning out to be good at everything! Unbelievable.

I am still wondering at what exactly was the idea is behind this story because from where I am seeing it from, it goes from point A to point B to point C without much thought at the character’s part. It feels as if the character has no clue why he is doing what he is doing. Which has, in turn, left me bewildered.


It was a one time read for me.

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