Christmas with the Best Man by Susan Carlisle

Christmas with the Best ManGoodreads synopsis

A kiss, a fling…a wedding ring?

Dr. Helena Tate still believes in love, despite her past heartbreak, and that one day she’ll have a baby of her own. Her gorgeous but brooding colleague Dr. Elijah Davenport, however, is not the man to pin her hopes on. He’s no longer interested in long-term relationships.

But being maid of honor and best man at a wedding in snow-covered Central Park heightens their attraction. Soon their Christmas fling becomes so much more! Can Helena tame Manhattan Mercy’s playboy—so they both get the love they deserve?


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I don’t really like going to weddings per se, what worked for me in the one is the snow, Christmasy feels and the romance in the air.

The story in a classic way teaches us that just because something bad befell us does not mean that the world had ended or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What matters is that we continue on the path.

Understandable that there will be times when we will want to give up and curl in a ball and sleep the never ending sleep but these are the moments when we must be courageous and move on regardless of the pain, regardless of the feeling of being a failure.

Helen’s optimism and hope for forever love was soothing to a romantic like me who believes that a forever love exists. For some it may come in their early twenties, but some find it once they have found themselves and made a name for themselves first.

As for Elijah, he is your perfect classic hero. All devil may care exterior hiding a soft core. Therefore, I am not going to talk more about him. The best part about him? He eventually learnt that opening up his heart for love was the only hope he had. He learnt that love is the only hope for humankind.

Before I end this review, let me say something about the cover. I absolutely absolutely love it! White bridal gowns are so my thing. I have been quite vocal about wearing white on my wedding day as well even when it goes against the traditions of the country I live in.

Go ahead and give it a read people.

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