The Prince’s Cinderella Bride by Amalie Berlin

Prince's Cinderella BrideGoodreads synopsis

Operation Marriage Prince Quinton Corlow’s life was turned upside down the day his divorce was filed and his military papers were executed. Seven years later, the embittered soldier returns, only to walk straight back into his ex-wife’s life! But when Quinn discovers he’s still married to the one woman who could claim his heart, he realizes he must tackle the past for the future he wants the future Anais wants, too. But can he convince his Cinderella bride to fight for their love?



The picture of the ring used for rating is not mine and has been used from the Alexandrite Rings page.

And for the reason why I have used such a ring, you will have to read the book. ❤


When I first got a copy of this book, I was lying in bed fighting flu and for a little while all my weakness and ill health was forgotten as I danced.

As we grow up, sometimes the reality of life makes us believe that happily ever afters and fairy tales can only be found in books.

A story like this gives you a little ray of hope that somewhere out there you have a soulmate who will understand you beyond reason and beyond logic.

For once I felt like crying for happiness because these two people, when they loved each other stayed loyal to each other, even after they believed themselves to be divorced. That is what I would term as real love.

Like real people, none of the characters was perfect and they made stupid mistakes which make one want to facepalm themselves thinking, “what did I do?”. That was quite relate-able.

One thing that this love story talked loud and clear was the fact that if you are determined enough, you can surpass every obstacle.

Such a cute one.

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