Sarah and the Secret Sheikh by Michelle Douglas

SATSSGoodreads synopsis

Expecting the sheikh’s baby…

When one magical night with gorgeous and enigmatic Majed leaves Sarah pregnant, she’s torn apart over whether to reveal her secret. She already loves this baby, but will confirmed bachelor Majed feel the same?

Discovering he’s going to be a father changes everything for Majed. It’s time to face the music and unveil his true identity as Prince of Keddah Jaleel! He’d love to make Sarah his sheikha, if only he can convince her she’ll be much more than his convenient bride…



4.5 / 5



After a long time I have read a romance that has brought me so many smiles and so many frowns. Calling this one, one of the sweetest romances that I have ever read will not be wrong.

The characters are very close to reality and very likeable. Nowhere did I tell myself, this does not happen or that what is the author even talking about.

A very important thing and a point in favour of Michelle Douglas is that when she wrote a Sheikh hero, she did not make him out to be a Christian in all but name which I have seen happening so many times. Religion was kept at a side and it was emotions and circumstances that took centre stage.

If even for once had she mentioned Majed to be going and praying in a cathedral or a cathedral by the royal palace where a Sheikh has been living for centuries, I’d have been sourly disappointed. But that was not the case.

Coming back to what I liked, here is a list

  • Even though there were regrets in his life, Majed was not jaded like almost every romance hero that one reads about. Seriously, this man was a breath of fresh air
  • Sarah had this spirit of a youngster in her which is cherished by some and she is berate by some for it. This stuck close to home and I kept on cheering for this woman
  • It teaches us never to give up on our dreams and many of us need that reminder time and again (me included)
  • Majed working as a barman when he is the heir apparent of a ruling Sheikh (no, I do not count that as spoilers as we are told of this in the first few pages) shows how no job is good or bad, or small or big and how one must always give their 100% in whatever they do

A recommended read for romance readers. ❤

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