Saving Alyssa by Loree Lough


He couldn’t save his wife…but he will save Alyssa

When Noah Preston entered witness protection, his only concern was for his daughter. He couldn’t save her mother, but he would save Alyssa—no matter what. Now, three years later, he’s done his best to make their new lives work. But he can’t let go of the fear—and the guilt—that haunts him. And he can’t let Alyssa out of his sight.

Noah’s convinced that loneliness is part of his penance. So when Billie Landon stumbles into his bike shop, he’s determined to keep his distance. He can’t risk giving in to his attraction to her. Even though she could be exactly what he and his child really need.


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Saving Alyssa is a story about the struggle of a father to fulfill every wish and dream of his darling daughter. A daughter, who, at a very young age, had had to adapt to a new identity. A little girl who had to remember not to be open about her past and who must remain in home. A life akin to living in a gilded cage.

It is a story of a woman who has lost a baby and is convincing herself that she does not need one in her life. irrespective of her convictions, though misplaced, she falls in love with the baby girl and her father. she dreams of a life with them.

Even knowing the truth, she is ready to uproot her life to bring a constant to all their lives. A constant where they become the support pillars for each other and all the little ones that may come along.

Heartwarming, really. A book I will definitely re-read.

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