Dracula by BramStoker

Goodreads synopsis

For centuries he has ruled armies of wolves, hordes of rats, legions of walking undead. He corrupts the pure and destroys the innocent. He enters dreams and torments minds. Now he means to take our world and feast forever on our blood. Who knows what it will take to challenge Dracula?

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Dracula had been on my TBR since I was in school and that was almost a decade ago. Every time I decided to go buy myself a copy or borrow it from the library or a friend, some other book would attract me more and I’d let this one go for an unknown future date.

Dracula is a book that I have heard quite a lot about and my excitement to start this one was over the roof when one day I was going through the books on my Kindle app and there this one sat quietly awaiting its time. This happened to be one of those rare times when there was no paperback or hardcover in my bag.

So Dracula it was.

And then a friend very graciously offered his hardcover for my reading pleasure.

There was a lot of intrigue when it all began in a series of diary entries of Jonathan Harker. The one thing I kept wondering at the time and even after I have finished reading it, why did the people of Transylvania not do anything to rid themselves of the evil that resided amongst them? If they ad knowledge enough of what Count Dracula was (it all being folklore and all) then by my estimation, they should also know how to rid the world from one as well.

Anyway, the story went on but during the time Jonathan lived at Dracula’s castle, in my opinion the story was dragged unnecessarily at points.

And then we meet Mina Murray who Harker writes about in his journal.

In the beginning it left me confused and I thought that the feelings were all one sided but then I was set to right. I don’t know by to my Mina sounded like a Miss Goody Two Shoes and dear Lucy had some elements of it too.

This I put up to the fact that they had to be portrayed as strong women in a time when the idea of strong women was sort of rare but these two rose to the occasion and did what they thought best in many a situations. No, I am not going to mention the particular times as they will be spoilers and I am trying to limit them as much as possible.

The pace was slow ad the story dragged again when the focus was on Lucy.

One thing that really bothered me was the very anticlimactic ending of the 400+ pages. It left me deflated!

What follows is a video which may (it does) have spoilers. Watch at your own risk.


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