Clock Zero: I’m not my social feed by Nawar Alsaadi

clock-zeroGoodreads synopsis

Clock Zero tells the story of Tom, a Millennial wasting his life chasing Likes on social media until he meets Daniel Drake, a mysterious man with a daring plan to free the world of its social media obsession. Tom is captivated by the premise of a new unplugged world, but is Daniel Drake the good Samaritan he claims to be?

Clock Zero beautifully captures the existentialist struggle of this generation. A master stroke of wit and suspense, Clock Zero sheds light on the dark side of an always-connected world: smartphone addiction, digital self-absorption, global terrorism, and Silicon Valley’s unfettered quest to generate ever more profits at the expense of our humanity.

Goodreads Rating: 3.8 / 5

My Rating: 2 / 5



The name of the book, the premise and the cover got me excited for this story. In the end it is a disappointment.

It started with a being a drag and too many words than were required and very many tangents for no reason at all. I thought that was it and I could not read anymore but I persevered anyway.

Then came the revolution of people not being their newsfeed and it perked me up as I thought the action will happen. But nothing happened, really. I kept reading, reading, reading (that is a bow to words being used thrice in the story itself) and nothing happened.

I did learn how to make heroin and facts about Greek mythology and incidents in history. But again, if it was mythology or history or chemistry I wanted to read, why would I pick up a novel?

The ending was thoroughly anticlimactic (with many cliffhangers) that I wanted to bang my head in the nearest wall.


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