The Case of Maker Mischief by Liam O’Donnell

the-case-of-maker-mischiefGoodreads synopsis

Myron, the third-grade detective who loves logic, facts, and solving mysteries, gets the chance to crack another case when he finds out his classmate Jordan’s robot has been stolen. Jordan and tech-savvy Danielle, known as “Glitch,” had been working on it for weeks for the upcoming Maker Faire Robot Maze Challenge.

Together with his detective partner, the hyper-energetic Hajrah, Myron pins down two suspects: Sarah “Smasher” McGintley, the school bully, and Lionel Amar, another robot builder who was caught with Jordan and Glitch’s plans. But after investigating the case further, they find out the thief is someone entirely unexpected.

Myron’s unique perspective from the autism spectrum and his eye for detail make him a top-notch sleuth. Similarly, the other neurodiverse kids in his resource room demonstrate creative problem solving and unique talents that come in handy for the case.

Black-and-white spot illustrations accompany the text in this fun and accessible page-turner for independent readers. With a connection to STEAM and the maker movement, this book is an exciting next installment in the West Meadows Detectives series.

Goodreads Rating: 4.22 / 5

My Rating:  magnifying-glass magnifying-glass magnifying-glass magnifying-glass


I read this book for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to relive my childhood with books and secondly at that age I wanted to be a detective myself. And thirdly because I liked the cover.

OK, that was more than two reasons but anyone who knows me, knows my craziness when it comes to book covers.

Back to the book, this was to be a light read that I could read over a few days to de-stress from work but when I started reading it, I was hooked and had to know what happened next.

For a person as old as I am (in the third decade of their life), the mystery was not much of a mystery but if a kid were to read it, they’d have been completely engrossed and solving the mystery with Myron and the feeling of jubilation would indeed be there.

A couple of chapters in and I knew who was the culprit but then again I was never the target audience for this book and still I enjoyed it much.

This being a second book in a series, automatically one is added to my TBR which I will hopefully be reading soon.

Another thing that brings a new dimension to the book is that Myron, our very skilled detective is Autistic but he has not stopped that from becoming a mystery solver or hindered him in developing his skill further.

That was sort of the selling point for me because even though Myron suffers from Autism, you will not feel sorry for the kid because he is normal as normal can be.

Give it a read. Or maybe buy it for your kids.

8 thoughts on “The Case of Maker Mischief by Liam O’Donnell

  1. Grim Reaper says:

    A kid whose childhood was all about reading Inspector Jamshed series (Ishtiaq Ahmed’s novel character), i could easily relate your feelings on this one. Almost every kid at some point of time wants to be a detective and is attracted by such comic book. I admire your diversification in reading various fiction books by the way. Stay Blessed!!!


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