Hearts on Ice by Christy McKellen

hearts-on-iceGoodreads synopsis

When an off-duty police officer paraglides into her remote English home the day before New Year’s Eve, wrecking part of her property and endangering her livelihood, Hettie Sampson can’t believe her bad luck. The last thing she needs is a cop hanging around, snooping into her business—even if he does have a body built for sin and a smile to die for.

All Nate Taylor wanted was a brief, adrenaline-fuelled escape from the memories of his failed relationship and now he’s in a quandary—fix his mistake and risk getting stranded or ignore his conscience and leave the fiery-spirited owner of the property in a mess.

When a snowstorm hits and they’re trapped together, it’s only a matter of time before Nate discovers the guilty secret that Hettie’s been keeping, finding himself pulled deeper into her life than he ever could have imagined. The question is, can they keep their hearts on ice amidst the heat of their connection? Or will they lose their cool and fall headlong in love?

Goodreads rating: 4.67 / 5

My Rating: 3.75 / 5


When I first started reading it, I was intrigued. This may be because of the cover. It is one of those covers I instantly fall in love with.

Coming back to the story, in the beginning it was tiresome with nothing but sex on both of their minds as if nothing in life matters but sex.

But gradually, the story took precedence over all that and there were a few moments that brought smiles and a few that made me frown.

It is a one time read for me which became enjoyable in the second half of it.

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