Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra

glitter-and-glossI wish I had a paperback to take some elaborate picture of but I had an ebook and the cover photo had to be googled to be put in the post.

Goodreads synopsis:

A romantic comedy that is funny, contemporary and sharp.

Misha is a make up artist who, after a series of mishaps and twists and turns, falls madly in love with Akshay who reciprocates her love with ardour. The only hitch in this perfect romance is her prospective sister-in-law who thinks Misha is everything a Bahu shouldn’t be: garrulous, geeky, gawky, gainfully employed (especially the last bit). The questions is will Misha win Didi (and the Kha-Pee Panchayat) over with her Stepford Wife Act? Will she continue to be the poster child for the inherent evils of the Bahu Brigade? Or will she learn to ‘lau’ herself before the whole world and its wife can do the same?

Goodreads Rating: 4.04 / 5

My Rating: Image result for Pink starsImage result for Pink starsImage result for Pink starsImage result for Pink stars


This book has spent quite some time on my TBR as I was struggling with a heavy book (not in size but in subject matter which I am not going to mention in here). Once I was done with that one, I wanted some light reading which would leave me feeling better about the world in general.

Going through my Kindle app, I saw this book and I started reading it. One day. Yes, that is it. It took me only one day to finish it because I just could not put it down. I had to know what happened next!

The story is not something out of this world and at times predictable, but written in a way that I wanted to read it anyway. I had to know for certain.

Glitter and Gloss is Misha’s story written in first person. If it was not for the dialogue, it may have been like reading someone’s personal diary. I sort of have a thing against books written in first person but this one had something about it that made me read it anyway.

It being a story of an Indian girl (our next door neighbour) who is somewhat near my own age, it was all easy to fall into the character and live what she went through. The cultural history being the same for both our countries, I could very well imagine it happening in Pakistan itself. Very relate-able on that front which made it more interesting.

I have a few favourite scenes in the book and I am going to share one of them with you all in here. It is as follows.


Now that I have mentioned all the things that I really liked about the book, let me also state one thing that really bugged me as cruised through the story. I am not a make-up person. I own a few make-up things but these brands don’t really matter to me. In all honesty I won’t even know one from the other. And in the story, Misha described the products with their names and shades and stuff and it made me o, “brrr, just move on for the sake of all that is holy!”

If it was not for that, I may have given it a 4.5 but 4 it is for now.

Saying all that, I’d suggest you give it a read and you’ll end up laughing like crazy the entire team. I even read bits and pieces to my sister who couldn’t help but join me in my guffaws.

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