The Witch And Other Tales Re-Told by Jean Thompson

the-witchSynopsis (Goodreads): Great fairy tales are not always stories designed for children. The lurking wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the gingerbread house that lures Hansel and Gretel, the beauty asleep in her castle—these fables represent some of our deepest, most primeval fears and satisfy our longing for good to win out over evil (preferably in the most gruesome way possible). In this captivating new collection, critically acclaimed author Jean Thompson takes the classic fairy tale and brings it into the modern age with stories that capture the magic and horror in everyday life. The downtrodden prevail, appearances deceive, and humility and virtue triumph in The Witch, as lost children try to find their way home, adults cursed by past unspeakable acts are fated to experience their own horror in the present, and true love—or is it enchantment?—conquers all. The Witch and Other Tales Re-Toldis a haunting and deeply entertaining collection, showcasing the inimitable Thompson at the height of her storytelling prowess.

Goodreads Rating: 3.33/5

My Rating: 2/5


I was excited to start this book. A modern day spin to the fairy tales. But it turned into a thorough disappointment.

Sometimes it took me a lot of thinking to actually pinpoint the fairy tale whose retelling I was reading.

For the most it felt like reading hastily scribbled stories.

I must, however, mention that there were a few good one liners in the book.

A little effort and it could have been something vastly better.

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