Psy/Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

A friend from my book club suggested this book series by Nalini Singh. She said I may like the series.

The series consisted of 15 Novels, 5 Novellas and a few short stories.

I started reading the first one with no expectations whatsoever but tucked in, I did.

The story line developed with every new book with  many characters being able to forge a place for themselves in my heart and many a scenes put up in my repertoire of favourite characters.

The characters were limited in the beginning but with every new book, the world which was a triumvirate of psy, changeling and human gained more dimensions.

Psy are those who have psychic powers. Changelings, those who have an animal part of their soul. Human, well… they are human.

The one thing that did annoy me during the series was the fact that many a things were repeated again and again in every book. In fact in one single one as well.

If I ignore that tid bit, I enjoyed the series. The different interaction have their own colours and frequencies. Though alike in many ways, there is much to distinguish one story from another.

I am not going into the details of all the books in here but a list of the books in the series can be find here.


But this is not where it all ends. The series gets a season two in a related series names Psy/Changeling Trinity series. The first book of the same is expected soon. And I am waiting for it. A new pack is going to be introduced after all!

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