The Secret Beneath the Veil by Dani Collins

secret-beneath-the-veilGoodreads Synopsis

“You may kiss the bride.”

With five little words, Mikolas Petrides secures a vital business merger and finally repays his grandfather for rescuing him from the horrors of his childhood. But when he lifts his new bride’s veil, it’s not the woman he was expecting!

Viveka Brice will do anything to protect her little sister, even pretend to marry a stranger. Her deception revealed, she flees the wedding, but is soon confronted by Mikolas. He is a man who always gets what he wants, and if the marriage is off, Viveka will have to compensate him—by becoming his mistress instead!

Goodreads Rating: 3.76 stars

My Rating: 5 stars


The marriage ruse? Tick.

Pretend affair? Tick.

Real feelings? Tick.

Starting with a wedding that got nullified the moments vows were said, Mikolas and Viveka are tied in a tie and they must stick together!

I must say that I sort of like stories wherein the characters are flawed or else every author goes he or she was perfection itself which just gets too unreal. This was not the case here as Mikolas has a physical defect which is prominent as well. He has risen above it however.

For Viveka, I absolutely loved her sense of loyalty. That is something I see myself doing and it makes me feel closer to her and understand her in a new way.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.


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