Demetriou Demands His Child by Kate Hewitt

ddhcGoodreads Synopsis

An heir for her enemy…

Ten years ago, innocent Iolanthe Petrakis surrendered to the most ruthless tycoon in Athens. Alekos Demetriou gave her the one and only sinfully seductive night of her life. But when he discovered she was the daughter of his enemy, he cast her out…before Iolanthe could reveal she was pregnant with his child!

Now, with her family’s company in peril, Iolanthe’s forced to reveal her most precious secret to her nemesis. When he learns the truth, Alekos declares he will legitimize his son and, to Iolanthe’s horror, informs her they will marry!

Goodreads Rating3.3 stars

My Rating: 3.5 stars

As I started the book I was all awww for Alekos and as it progressed and he became a man I wanted to kick myself. Stop reading now if you do not want spoilers because I can’t help but say this. If you’re still reading, you were warned.

A woman tells you, you two have a connection and you turn all mean bastard on her? Even when you felt the connection? Alekos needed a smack on his head. Hard. I’d have loved to deliver it myself.

And poor Iolanthe, I wanted to hug her and tell her she deserved better.

Fast forward a decade and Iolanthe is not there in the body she inhibits! I hated Alekos in that moment. Only the fact that he had suffered equally was able to assuage me.

The way these two learn to trust each other after the distrust of years is sort of a walk through. I’d have liked to read more of that. That was how their relationship was to build.

It was enjoyable nonetheless.

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