Reunited with his Runaway Bride by Robin Gianna

reunited-with-his-runaway-bride Goodreads Synopsis: 

Brought back together by a baby.

It broke Dr. Bree Donovan’s heart to end things with family-orientated surgeon Sean Latham, but marriage and kids are not for her. Only, now Sean is asking her to help care for his newborn nephew while his sister is in hospital, and Bree can’t say no.

It’s temporary, but as Bree experiences how rewarding family life can be–and gives in to the passion she and Sean have always shared–is it possible for her to believe that this time around they really could have it all?

Goodreads Rating: 4.79

My Rating: Image result for tiffany blue heartImage result for tiffany blue heartImage result for tiffany blue heartImage result for tiffany blue heartImage result for tiffany blue heart


Where to begin? I loved it! There are so many things that I want to talk about. Maybe this one should come in pointers.

  1. I loved the flow of the story
  2. Loved the idea that there are times we, ourselves, do not know what we want
  3. Babies! (I just love stories with babies)
  4. The chemistry

The story had a pace and stuck to it. Nowhere during it did it make me feel that maybe the things should happen slowly or just why is this not moving ahead already. That is a very important factor for me. Getting this right, an author ensures that I will read until the last word.

It is a popular belief among many that one always knows what is best for them or what they want (or do not want). Thus showing that our deepest desires may be hidden by our insecurities was a plunge into psychology that I enjoyed.

Anyway, who does not like a hero who knows he loves the special woman in his life and is not afraid to be vocal about his love? A man who shows his love in every way he knows? Sigh. This is a plus point for this book (As far as I am concerned) because for the most part, men believe it is God’s word to keep their feelings hidden.

The most interesting aspect of the story for me was the existence of the baby and how Bree and Sean learned how to take care of a wee little human. How one baby can disrupt an entire household. I was all smiles at the antics of little Will and what he had these two adults do for him.

The chemistry between the two was evident from the way they looked at each, interacted with each other or touched. The thing to note, however, is that it was not overdone. It fel all natural.

I enjoyed.

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