The Cure by J.R Knight

Reading a book which is not yet available in the market is a treat in itself and is more pronounced if your copy is an autographed one and accompanies a note from the author. The same happened with me in here.


Synopsis (copied from Goodreads):

Welcome to Metravā.
The year is 3433.
Here are some things you need to know:
Run by the governmental body, Peār, Metravā is inhabited by U-mans, a genetically modified race of humans who do not sleep, who work fifteen hours a daāy, and who are fused with their U-chip at birth.
Everyone is the same, everyone blends in, and no one stands out.
That is until Knijä Taū is born.


The plot in itself isn’t something new altogether but I liked the execution of it. The basic idea reinforcing the importance of uniqueness of every individual.

Set in a future where free will is about to cease to exist, this sci-fi is the struggle to not let technology dominate humans.

The use of technology which we regale in could be dangerous to us a specie which is going to stop us from being who we are really meant to be. Every one will be each other’s clone.

Come to think of it, the use of technology, even today is more than is actually needed. It has made such an impact on out lives that we deem ourselves incomplete without our gadgets.

Even though, the story is set in a year thousands of years in the future, there are instances in the story which seem all too real even today.

I enjoyed reading this one! A 4 starer for me.

One of my favourite passages from the book.


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