Who Will Be The Jelly Bean King? by Maryam Mirza

Many who read, try their hand at writing and many succeed at this art.

One of those who succeeded is Ms Maryam Mirza.

I met Maryam in my book club. It is called Bookay. Amidst conversations, she mentioned this children’s book she wrote. Being the curious soul that I am, I wanted to read it irrespective it being a book for kids. Soon, I had one.

I started reading it at work, during the lunch hour. It ended in 5 minutes. I went back and read it again.


A kingdom that teaches kids the type of people that they are likely to meet in life and how they should carry themselves and be in general. It inculcates that one may not parrot their own worth time and again because it is there actions that does it for them and everyone will bear witness to that. Irrespective how they estimate us in their opinion.

My kids are definitely reading it. I mean, when I actually will have kids, they will be reading this book. No. Let me change that again. I will be reading this to my babies.

Keep up the good work Maryam!

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